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Here is an overview of some notarial services I provide:

Real Estate

  • Promise to purchase
  • Purchase / Sale (residential, comercial and industrial properties)
  • Hypothec and refinancing
  • Discharge / Mainlevée
  • Examination and correction of title
  • Servitude
  • Indivision agreement
  • Declaration of co-ownership

Wills and mandates in anticipation of incapacity

Last Will and Testament

  • Codicil
  • Mandate in anticipation of incapacity
  • Power of Attorney

Non contentious proceedings

Accreditation for legal procedures with a notary

  • Verification of holograph wills and wills made before witnesses
  • Homologation of mandates in anticipation of incapacity
  • Opening of a protective regime (curatorship or tutorship)
  • Judicial acquisition of ownership
  • Judicial cancellation of hypothecs
  • Judicial nomination of liquidator or trustee
  • Letters of verification
  • Proposal for payment for an insolvent estate


  • Reading of Wills
  • Wills searches
  • Transmission of assets and settlement of estates
  • Declaration of transmission
  • Heredity Declaration
  • Inventory
  • Opening of safety deposit box
  • Renunciation

and much more !


  1. Lidya Rosenbaum says

    I would like to make an appointment to have a letter notarized early next week.
    Please let me know if this is something you can do.
    Thank you.

    Lidya Rosenbaum

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